Clinical research nurses

Clinical research nurses

A one-stop-shop for nurses and health care support workers working in clinical research

Clinical research is one of the fastest growing specialisms in healthcare delivery.

Across the UK patients are being advised that it is their right to be randomised and included in pertinent clinical trials. With the introduction of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) in England and equivalent infrastructures in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales has come an explosion in the clinical research nurse and health care support worker (HCSW) workforce (estimated around 10,000 in 2014) to support clinical research.

NHS plc is seen as an international leader for clinical research (funding councils, charitable, and life sciences industries) due to the high standards it demands in terms of quality, efficiency and governance. This section is intended to provide a signposting resource for nurses and HCSWs, either currently employed in clinical research, or wanting to learn more about the multitude of opportunities therein.

Looking for a career in clinical research?

If you work in the NHS, most Trusts have R&D departments, who will put you in touch with the lead clinical research nurse: there may be opportunities to shadow, or do short-term work placements.

Informed consent

The Health Research Authority have produced online guidance for researchers and ethics committees on consent, and how to prepare documents to support this process.

What does the role of a clinical research nurse look like?

The NIHR has a section dedicated to the role of the clinical research nurse, including the latest Clinical Research Nursing (CRN) Strategy, setting out the direction of travel for 2017 to 2020.

Research and innovation bulletin

Research and innovation bulletin

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