What if campaign for fair pay


The RCN runs a range of campaigns that promote nursing, champion high quality care, and fight against harmful cuts to health care.


What if..?

The Government has decided NHS staff don't deserve a proper pay rise - that's outrageous and unfair.

Find out more about how we're fighting for fair pay, including a march in central London on 18 October.

Get involved today and join our What if..? campaign.

Final_logo--web_optFrontline First

In a time when significant cuts are being made in the NHS, our Frontline First campaign empowers nursing staff to speak out against cuts that impact on patient care, which we use to highlight areas of concern and influence change. The other two themes in this campaign allow staff to expose wasteful practices and highlight innovations and new ideas that are cost effective but protect quality care.

Visit our dedicated Frontline First website to find out the latest news and send your examples to the RCN about the impact of cuts, waste and innovation where you work.

Watch the archive webcast of the Frontline First launch.

This-Is-Nursing_red_optThis is nursing

This is nursing is an initiative by the RCN to promote nursing and to educate people about just how much it involves; from the skill and expertise that take years to develop, to the care and compassion provided to every patient.

The initiative aims to get people involved in nursing; through taking part in surveys, watching films, and sharing the latest news with friends and colleagues.

Every minute of every day nursing staff make a huge difference to millions of lives. This is a profession where joy and sadness come in equal measure, where inspiration is met by frustration, and where courage must outweigh fear. This is nursing is a platform for us to tell the world about the incredible work those working in nursing do.

Find out more at www.rcn.org.uk/thisisnursing

RCN_NursesDayLogo_01-01_optNurses' Day

Each year the RCN heads up the UK's activities in celebration Nurses' Day. Known across the globe as International Nurses' Day, it falls every year on 12 May (Florence Nightingale's birthday), and is a chance for everyone to come together and recognise those working in nursing.

We ask patients and nursing staff alike to share their stories with us; to tell us why the people who care for them are so important, and to spread the word about why working in health care is what they love doing.

You can catch up with this year's activities at www.rcn.org.uk/nursesday

Pay-cartel-logo_optFighting the South West Pay Cartel

We are opposing regional pay across the UK, but most notably been fighting a particularly active cartel in the South West of England.

Fortunately the hard work of staff and members in the region has paid off, but we know regional changes to pay and conditions are an ongoing issue, and will continue to fight against them.

Read more about our campaign in the South West.


The RCN is proud of the diversity within the nursing community and champions Pride events across the UK .

Visit our Proud webpages to find out how you can get involved, which events we're attending and to view our gallery of photos from events we've been to.

Previous campaigns

  • Nursing Counts - find out more about the RCN campaign to get the voice of nursing heard during the general election
  • Dignity - the RCN's 'Dignity: at the heart of everything we do' gave support and direction to the UK's nursing workforce during delivery of care for patients and clients of any health status in every setting.
  • Nutrition now - Nutrition now is a clinical campaign launched by the RCN to raise standards of nutrition and hydration in hospitals and the community.