RCN Member Support Services

Member Support Services consists of five constituent services:

  1. Careers Service
  2. Counselling Service
  3. Immigration Advice Service
  4. Welfare Rights and Guidance Service
  5. Peer Support Service

Members can access all services except Careers by calling 0345 408 4391. The line is open 9.30am-4.30pm from Monday to Friday. 

For Careers Advice please call RCN Direct 0345 772 6100. This line is open 8.30.am - 8.30pm, 7 days a week.

What to expect

We offer free, confidential advice, guidance, representation and support to help you so that you, in turn, may best serve your patients. We work closely with our colleagues in regional offices and legal services to ensure that our members are as fully supported as possible at times of adversity.  

We have comprehensive factsheets which contain guidance that may answer the questions you have about your situation. We recommend you visit these pages before contacting the service.

You have the right to receive our support, guidance or representation, regardless of:

  • your race, colour, religion, ethnic or national origins, sex, creed, or sexual orientation or any disability. 
  • any complaint you have previously made about the RCN itself.

Your adviser or counsellor will endeavour to promote your interests, regardless of their own personal beliefs. If, after careful consideration, we find we are unable to support your request for advice and/ or representation, we'll provide you with a clear and detailed explanation of how and why we reached this decision.

Our service level agreement

We reserve the right to decide the nature and extent of the support we can provide with cases, and where necessary, we will contract with you at our first appointment, stating the amount of time we can allocate to your case, who will provide the service and whether we need to refer you to an external organisation for support.

The RCN Dignity Charter sets out the rights and responsibilities of all RCN members in relation to their interaction with each other and with RCN staff. We encourage you to read the Dignity Charter (PDF 60KB) [see how to access PDF files] and have a clear understanding of both your rights and responsibilities, prior to contacting our service.  

Please take the time to read through our service profile using the navigation bar on the left - we hope that you will find the information on here useful. You will find details of how to contact our constituent departments under each section. 

Due to the demand on our services telephone lines are sometimes busy. If you are unable to reach us by telephone, you can self-refer using on our online referral form. We will contact you within two working days on receipt of your referral.