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Financial wellbeing tools

Budget Planner

We want to help you know exactly where your money is being spent, and how much you’ve got coming in. Knowing where every pound is being spent is a great first step to starting your savings, getting out of debt or preparing for retirement.

Our Budget Planner can help you to:

  • record all your spending
  • get a breakdown of your finances by category
  • get personalised tips  

Money Navigator

If you’ve got money worries because of coronavirus, you’re not alone. The Money Navigator can give you guidance based on your particular situation. Whether your income is down and you’re worried about your future finances, you’ve lost your job or are facing redundancy, or are self-employed and can’t do your job, Money Navigator can help. Find out:

  • what issues you need to deal with first
  • ways of to staying on top of your bills
  • how to find extra support you’re entitled to where to get extra help.

Money Manager for Universal Credit claimants

If you’re on Universal Credit or think you might be using it in the future, this tool could help you if:

  • you’re making a new claim
  • you're moving to Universal Credit from another benefit
  • you need help budgeting while waiting for your first Universal Credit payment
  • you've recently had a change to your benefit payment

Welfare Service

Get expert support and advice on benefits, tax credits, debt, and housing.

male nursing writing at desk

Managing your money

Resources, and tools to help you with budgeting, banking, car costs, utilities, tips on saving and advice on analysing spending habits.

Help with benefits

If you're confused by the benefits system, have questions about changes to your benefits, or need to challenge a benefits decision, we can help.

Money worries

Advice if you're worried about your  finances, rent/mortgage, or debt, as well as information on charitable funding, financial aid and where to seek support.