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3 blog posts
  • Anonymous Anonymous 28 Feb 2024


    This blog has been submitted by a member who wishes to remain anonymous, for reasons that will become clear as you read it. Bullying is a common phenomenon for nurses, with around a quarter of the nursing family experiencing bullying in the past year. This blog highlights my personal experience of “gaslighting” - a specific type of bullying, and how I am gradually recovering from this.

  • Dr Nadeem Khan Dr Nadeem Khan 25 Jan 2024

    Highlighting some of the toxic elements of the critical care working environment

    This blog highlights the toxic and unpleasant aspect of the critical care working envirnment which are linked to critical care nurses' intentions into leave. 

  • Marie-Clare Ratcliffe Marie-Clare Ratcliffe 21 Jun 2023

    Implementing Call 4 Concern (C4C) patient and relative activated Critical Care Outreach

    Implementing the Call 4 Concern (C4C) service: patient and relative activated Critical Care Outreach.