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  • Dawn Heeger Dawn Heeger 4 Nov 2021

    Nurse Lifeline

    Nurse Lifeline was developed collaboratively by a small group of frontline staff united by an acute awareness of the pressures facing the nursing workforce. 

  • Patient and medical escort safety Stuart Phillips Stuart Phillips 13 Jul 2021

    Patient and Medical Escort safety: A review of the safety practices and culture within the Assistance Industry

    The nurse-led Clinical Governance working group was formed as part of the RCN Critical Care and Flight Nursing forum. The working group aims to evaluate and understand the current safety practices and industry standards that affect patient and medical escort safety, and to work towards improved and standardised benchmark practice.

  • 13 Jul 2021

    Join a forum steering committee

    Sally Bassett, Chair of the RCN's Nurses in Management and Leadership Forum, and Chair of Forum Chairs, shares her experience of being an activist within the RCN's forum structure, and encourages other members to get involved too.

  • Dawn Heeger Dawn Heeger 5 Jul 2021

    Flight Nursing webinar: Complex transfers and the future of travel FAQ’s

    The Flight Nursing Webinar was held by the Forum and covered the following areas of medical assistance and the aviation industry: • The future of international travel • EMCO • The considerations for transportation and challenges during COVID-19.

  • Sara Walsh Sara Walsh 4 Jul 2021

    From heart block to pulseless VT: Defibrillation within an aircraft

    When working within ICU and an emergency retrieval service, you always expect the unexpected. As cliché as it may sound, the below case shows the importance of expecting the unexpected. It also highlights the importance of thorough preparation which allows for swift interventions, resulting in a safer patient transfer.

  • Kerryn McGowran Kerryn McGowran 27 Apr 2021

    Fatigue survey headlines and call to action- RCN Critical Care and Flight Nurse forum

    The Royal College of Nursing Critical Care and Flight forum has collaborated with The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI), Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA), Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (APAGBI), the Paediatric Intensive Care Society (PICS) to jointly work on fatigue management for healthcare professionals. This initially involved a survey of fatigue within anaesthetists in training. As the Royal College of Nursing Critical Care and Flight forum we were keen to understand how fatigue is affecting nurses too. This is so that we can better represent the members and provide guidance to nurses working in critical care and flight.

  • RFDS Paul Ingram Paul Ingram 21 Apr 2021

    Critical Care at 30,000ft

    Transporting a Critical Care patient within a hospital is sometimes a difficult and dangerous task. At 30,000ft transporting a Critical Care patient from hospital to hospital or accident scene to a hospital can be even more difficult and dangerous when combined with the aviation environment.

  • Hilary (Hils) Simons Hilary (Hils) Simons 12 Apr 2021

    The future for international travel: key considerations

    A novel coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) emerged in China in 2019. This is the virus responsible for COVID-19 disease, which has a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations. Infection may be asymptomatic, mild to moderate or severe and for some critical and life threatening.

  • Karien Basson Karien Basson 12 Apr 2021

    Challenges experienced in transporting COVID-19 patients by fixed-wing air ambulance

    Facing extreme temperatures in full PPE, heavy lifting, confined spaces for hours on end and complex logistical issues are some of the challenges that have been highlighted when transporting patients with COVID-19, by fixed-wing air ambulance within Africa.

  • Thomas Burren Thomas Burren 7 Apr 2021

    Challenges in transportation of Patients with ECMO on Air-Ambulance Flights

    Flights with patients on ECMO is challenging due to insertion of the system, the ground transportation from hospital to the aircraft and inflight treatment of mostly pulmonary and circulatory unstable situations.