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11 blog posts
  • Vari Drennan and Janet Hargreaves Vari Drennan and Janet Hargreaves 30 Apr 2024

    Looking to trace a nurse from the past? Start here

    Are you interested in tracing a nurse from the past? Maybe a family member, someone important to your field of practice, or who nursed at a significant point in our history? Are you wondering where to start looking? This updated guide is there to help you and is an excellent starting point. 

  • Claire Chatterton Claire Chatterton 24 Apr 2024

    Remembering Daphne Steele

    The first blue plaque outside London has recently been unveiled and recognises a pioneering Black nurse and midwife, Daphne Steele.

  • Anonymous Anonymous 28 Feb 2024


    This blog has been submitted by a member who wishes to remain anonymous, for reasons that will become clear as you read it. Bullying is a common phenomenon for nurses, with around a quarter of the nursing family experiencing bullying in the past year. This blog highlights my personal experience of “gaslighting” - a specific type of bullying, and how I am gradually recovering from this.

  • Dr Sarah Rogers and Margaret Graham Dr Sarah Rogers and Margaret Graham 21 Feb 2024

    History of Nursing Forum volunteers receive the Wikimedia UK, Partnership of the Year Award

    History of Nursing Forum volunteers for the 'Women in Red’ project, which uploads nursing history to the Wikipedia website, received the above award at the annual Wikimedia UK community on-line meeting in November 2023. 

  • Stuart Wildman Stuart Wildman 17 Jan 2024

    More nurses in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

    This blog highlights the cooperation between the History of Nursing Forum and the editors of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography to document the lives and contributions of nurses who  made an outstanding contribution to the profession and society.

  • Chelsea Bell Chelsea Bell 14 Jun 2023

    Nurses in red - An online project to document nursing history

    This blog pays tribute to a nurse who deserves recognition for her hard work and compassion during her nursing career. Kathleen Robb was a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing, from Northern Ireland. 

  • Nicola Ring Nicola Ring 5 May 2023

    75 years of the NHS - Nursing then and now

    This blog reflects on the content of an issue of the Nursing Times from July 1948, days before the NHS was launched. The blog identifies some nursing issues from that year that remain current today e.g. pay, but also highlights areas of positive change within the profession i.e. it is more diverse. 

  • Sarah Rogers Sarah Rogers 17 Apr 2023

    A nurses' badge and medal led to a PhD

    Ill health led to a change in my career, and a new passion in nursing history. 

  • Black and white photo of nurses Stuart Wildman Stuart Wildman 6 Apr 2023

    Tracing Nurses: A revised guide to research family and local history

    This blog promotes the latest version of the History of Forum's guide to tracing nurses. It includes a wide variety of sources for people researching family and local history.

  • Dr Jane Brooks Dr Jane Brooks 28 Oct 2022

    Visiting the Royal College of Nursing Archives in Edinburgh

    The RCN archives have been closed to researchers for the past 21/2 years as the world lived in a pandemic. The archives are now opening.