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5 blog posts
  • Martin Galligan Martin Galligan 27 Jun 2022

    Experience of being a forum committee member

    Prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic I was offered a position to join the RCN Pain and Palliative care forum as a committee member.

  • Martin Galligan Martin Galligan 16 Aug 2021

    Developing Careers in Pain Nursing

    Pain is the leading cause of disability across the globe with chronic pain conditions heavily featured in the top ten causes of disability (Mills, Nicolson and Smith 2019). Within a UK population this translates into up to 50% of individuals being affected by chronic pain (Fayaz et al 2016), given such high prevalence of pain it is important that nurses have the knowledge and skills to support those in pain.

  • Suzanne Monks Suzanne Monks 7 Jul 2020

    COVID 19 and nurse education - Our experience

    How COVID-19 has affected nurse education. With accounts from a level 6 nursing student, university lecturer and nurses on the front line, portraying their experience of nurse education in a student support and the mental health care setting.

  • Sandra Campbell Sandra Campbell 21 Jun 2020

    Reflections on grief during COVID-19 from a personal and professional perspective…

    As we go through this pandemic, I describe an anticipated “tsunami of grief” that will be different to anything we have seen before. I also think we will continue to see  an increase in  psychological stress for staff as they reflect on what they may have experienced during the last few months and also live with the uncertainty of the future in this new world in which we all now live…

  • GOV UK Parliamentary Process Carolyn Doyle Carolyn Doyle 26 Feb 2020

    Assisted Dying Bill-My reflections and thoughts

    Another attempt at getting a Bill that supports assisted dying, through the parliamentary process.