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The role of RCN stewards

Protecting the rights of our members

As an RCN steward, you'll support and represent RCN members in the workplace. Use this page to find out more about the role. 

As an RCN steward, you will promote workplace employment rights and ensure that members are treated fairly.

With full support from the RCN, you will:

  • support, advise and represent RCN members 
  • prepare and present cases on behalf of RCN members
  • help to prevent and resolve disputes in the workplace
  • help to formulate and implement a collective bargaining strategy
  • influence positive employment relations, in partnership with employers and other unions, and provide information and advice to RCN members on employment rights.

RCN members will look to you for help if they feel discriminated against at work, want to know more about their rights or are worried about poor working practices.

Learning and development

As a newly recruited RCN steward, you'll start by attending a foundation module. On successful completion you will move on to the development module which prepares you for your role as an RCN steward. 

Once you’ve completed your foundation and development modules you will be eligible to attend continuing learning and development workshops and events for reps to maintain and develop your skills.

Become a rep

If you are interested in becoming a steward, see How to become an RCN rep for information on how to apply.

I chose to become an RCN steward because I believe passionately that in order to support
patients effectively, nurses and HCAs must also be supported. The role empowers me to
tackle important issues, meaning I can have a genuine impact whilst promoting best practice.

RCN steward

RCN stewards making a difference in the workplace