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IT skills

IT Skills

Improve your computer skills to enhance your career prospects

In healthcare, having good computer skills is becoming increasingly important. You may have been asked to deliver a presentation or you may need to complete an online application form. On this page we look at different ways of improving your IT skills. 

Free online courses

There's a variety of free online courses, ranging from basic to intermediate and advanced. Not only will a course improve your skills, it will also look impressive on your CV or a job application. 

If you don't have a computer

There are many ways of accessing a computer if you don't have one:

Speak to your employer

Your manager or employer may be able to arrange training and support for you. Alternatively, you may be skilled at using a software program which others have difficulty with. Volunteering to share your skills can provide an impressive example on future job applications. 

Free online courses

The recruitment process

Most applications for most jobs will need to be completed online. It's rare that employers will accept handwritten application forms.

If you're applying for a job that also requires a CV then usually employers will want a CV emailed in a MS Word or PDF document. Use the free courses on this page to improve your skills with common applications such as MS Word to help with your applications.

Using IT skills for your CV and application

Most employers are looking to recruit staff who have IT skills. So not only are you demonstrating you can navigate through information by completing online applications but it's also good to include in your CV or supporting statement that you have completed any training in IT.

In your CV, you can add this to your Professional Training & Development section and in an application the person specification may require a certain level of IT skills. It's important to address this in your supporting statement. For more detailed guidance please visit our Job Applications & Supporting Statements page. 

CV Writing

How to write your CV, including suggested layout and CV example. 

Job applications

What employers look for in an application and how to ensure you get shortlisted.

The NMC Code

If you're active on social media, it's important to maintain your professionalism at all times. The NMC Code requires all nurses to:

20.10 use all forms of spoken, written and digital communication (including social media and networking sites) responsibly, respecting the right to privacy of others at all times

The NMC's guidance on using social media responsibly has some useful principles which can apply to everyone:

  • Be informed
  • Think before you post
  • Protect your professionalism and your reputation

NMC Social media guidance

The NMC have detailed guidance on using social media responsibly. 

Transferable skills

Find out why they're important and how to use them to get your next job.

Presentation skills

Tips on content, preparation, structure, body language and more.


Help others whilst gaining skills and experience that could boost your career.