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RCN Council

RCN Council meetings

Minutes, summaries and papers from recent Council meetings

As an RCN member, you can use this page to keep up to date with RCN Council activity. 

Just log in to see the agenda, minutes, summaries and papers from previous or upcoming Council meetings, and to watch recordings of meetings.

Observe an RCN Council meeting 

Currently, Council meetings are taking place virtually due to COVID-19. Recordings of Council meetings are published on the RCN website shortly after a meeting has taken place. Previous recordings of Council meetings can be accessed here.

When COVID-19 restrictions do not apply, as an RCN member you can observe the open sessions of Council via live web stream or by attending in person. 

If you would like to attend a session, please email

If you do get the chance to observe a Council meeting, there will be some limitations:

  • you will not be able to speak during the meeting, although the Chair may invite you to speak in special circumstances
  • you will not be able to vote
  • if the meeting room is too crowded, you may not be allowed in. You may also be asked to leave by the committee if the room becomes too full
  • you will be invited to sit in the 'observer' seats, separated from members of the committee and RCN staff
  • you will not be able to claim expenses for attendance.

Meeting diary for RCN Council, committees and boards - 2022

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