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Digital roles

Digital roles and innovations

Welcome to this careers resource. This has been developed by the Royal College of Nursing to help registered nurses and the clinical support workforce across the UK understand the range of nursing roles appearing due to the digital evolution of work across health and social care.

We have designed it to provide you with insight into the work and the roles that you can aim for throughout your health career. We hope this inspires you to get involved with the digital agenda and perhaps plan your next career move.

Our resource is a response to the findings of the survey undertaken on the digital future of nursing in 2018.  We also build on the work published by NHS Improvement in 2018 about digital roles.

The resource is divided into two sections, an introduction to current and emerging digital roles and a look at the digital tools that nurses are either developing or implementing in the workplace.

With the help of the Shuri Network we have identified speakers from diverse ethnic backgrounds and from across the UK.

 The resource has been developed to:

  • showcase these roles through interviews with practitioners
  • identify what education or training you might need to plan and undertake
  • describe the kinds of digital tools that are becoming increasingly used by nursing across health and social care
  • support nurses looking for learning opportunities and ways to develop their own expertise

Digital roles

Watch a selection of video case studies from nurses and midwives whose roles require digital capabilities. Here you can also access related courses and networks to join.

Digital Innovations

Learn more from nurses and midwives who are digital innovators or who have been involved in projects that are introducing digital working practices.

Page last updated - 14/12/2023