Medicines management

Medicines Management: Professional resources

There are numerous resources available to support medicines management as well as standards for nursing staff and other health care professionals. 

This page will help you to find useful resources, standards and guidance to support medicines management.



Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)


Further resources

RPS Prescribing competency framework webinar

Prescribing competency framework webinar

The RCN is working with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to update this competency framework in light of the new NMC standards for Prescribing programmes which come into effect on 28 January 2019. This will include reviewing the supervision section to recognise that the supervisor in practice requirement has changed from a medical supervisor to a registered healthcare professional whose is an experienced prescriber with suitable equivalent qualifications. View the video.

Nursing Associates and medicine administration

Nursing associates need to work to the NMC's Code, and need to be trained and competent to administer medicines. For more information, see:

The registered nurse working with the nursing associate needs to understand their role in delegating medicines administration. See also: Delegation and accountability supplementary information to the NMC Code.

Nursing associates are unable to operate under a PGD they will need a PSD or a signed medication administration chart in order to administer medicine. See: guidance from the Specialist Pharmacy Services.

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