Aileen's story

Aileen found support from the RCN Peer Support Service and now uses her lived experience to help others.

Aileen shares her experiences of becoming disabled at work and her thoughts on the benefits healthcare professionals with lived experience can bring to the workplace.

Key points:

  • Working with a colleague who needs adjustments at work to establish what will help them is effective - assuming or applying a one-size-fits-all approach can be damaging.
  • Many healthcare professionals who become unwell or who are disabled at work want to remain in the profession and a flexible approach to recruitment and retention is required to retain their skills and experience.
  • As a retired nurse member of the RCN, Aileen continues to make a valued contribution. 
  • The RCN's Member Support Services offer a range of support to members facing ill health retirement or looking to change role due to a change in abilities including Careers advice and coaching, advice on welfare benefits and telephone based counselling.