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As an RCN member, you can get expert advice and information on benefits, debt, housing and more.

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COVID-19 and your finances

If you're struggling financially as a result of Covid-19 (coronavirus), read our advice on entitlements and support that may be available to you, including benefits, grants, and what to do if you're struggling with rent, mortgage or creditors.

Debt advice

If you are struggling with debt, the RCN's Welfare Service can provide free, regulated debt advice. 

Completing a financial breakdown of your income, expenditure and debts before your appointment will help give the adviser an overview of your financial situation.

Understanding benefits decisions

Our Welfare advisers can help you to understand complex benefit decisions, offering advice and assistance to challenge benefit decisions. This may be to: 

  • Seek mandatory reconsideration of a welfare benefit/ tax credit decision 
  • Dispute a decision about an overpayment  
  • Appeal to a Tribunal

Please note, we will only be able to offer casework representation where we identify there is merit to your case in disputing a decision, and cannot offer assistance beyond advice where we identify that there is little or no prospect of success based on the relevant benefit regulations.

See our online advice about challenging and appealing benefits decisions.

Housing problems

The Welfare Service can't offer you housing but can advise you when you are facing difficult housing decisions.

For example, we can offer advice on negotiating with your mortgage lender or landlord if you're in arrears because of a change in circumstance.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment with the service, please call RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100. Line are open between 8.30am and 8.30pm, 7 days a week.

Online information

See our publication dealing with a drop in income for information about money, debt, hardship and bankruptcy.


We're here for you

To make an appointment with the service, please call RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100. (Open 8.30am to 8.30pm, 7 days a week.)

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