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Our strategy and how we represent our forum members

How we represent forum members

  • Providing a voice for our members.
  • Advocating for children and young people with specialist nursing care needs.
  • Maintaining and co-coordinating shared activity across our constituent communities.
  • Supporting and developing the shared work programme of the CYP forums.
  • Facilitating collaboration with other forums for specific projects.
  • Providing mutual networking opportunities.

The forum is linked to the following communities

Our strategy

  • Ensuring our committee represents the breadth of specialities across CYP nursing.
  • Exploring effective and engaging ways of communicating with our members.
  • Providing great opportunities to share best practice. 
  • Supporting personal and professional development through publications and events.
  • Developing high quality evidence-based guidance documents.

CYP: Specialist Care Strategy Day 2019

Page last updated - 13/11/2019