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Our work

The Forum are currently involved in the following projects:

Fertility Preservation Workshops - what nurses need to know

The Fertility Nursing Forum led a project in 2016-17 which resulted in the publication in 2017 of the RCN Clinical Professional Resource on Fertility Preservation.  Feedback from presentations at conferences confirmed that fertility and non-fertility nurses would welcome more training about how to present the options available for fertility preservation for adults, young people and children with medical conditions which are likely to impair their fertility and how to raise  sensitive questions with patients. A number of regional workshops were organised, and delivered jointly between the RCN Fertility Nursing Forum and the British Fertility Counselling Association (BICA) throughout 2019, with the aim of raising awareness of the options and supporting development of knowledge and skills to facilitate nurses in discussions about fertility preservation with patients.  The workshops are currently being evaluated and plans for further activity are underway.  Watch this space!


Emotional Wellbeing and Fertility Care

The Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA) updated the Code of Practice in October 2018 which included a section on the emotional care and wellbeing of patients/women and men. This is extremely important for fertility nursing, however not all nurses have the tools or support from a counselling team to assist women and men appropriately.  In response the Fertility Nursing forum are currently producing guidance for fertility nursing teams to support the emotional needs of women and men accessing fertility services. Production of this guidance, in collaboration between the RCN Fertility Nursing Forum Committee, the Senior Infertility Nurses Group (SING), British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) and the RCN Mental Health Forum, should be completed imminently.


Forum activity in 2019:

Read our annual report for a summary of forum activity in 2019.

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