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Our work

How we represent forum members

  • Conveying expert opinion in the field of fertility nursing.
  • Leading across the breadth of our specialism whilst improving practice and delivery of care.
  • Supporting the learning and developmental needs of members working within fertility nursing.
  • Raising the professional profile and promoting the visibility of policy and practice in fertility nursing.
  • Leading and influencing the public health agenda to promote high standards in fertility nursing care.
  • Engaging with other stakeholder groups in assisted reproduction.

Read the Fertility Nursing forum 2021 charter


Professional Lead: Carmel Bagness

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Our strategy

  • Maintaining an effective fertility nurses committee.
  • To deliver the Fertility Nursing forum conference annually.
  • To contribute to the ongoing review of publications attached to the forum.
  • To represent the RCN and fertility nursing on a number of national committees.
  • To enhance membership of the forum.
  • Contribute to RCN Congress annually.
  • To commence work on new fertility projects.
  • Support professional learning and development of fertility nursing community.
  • Providing fertility nursing expertise and input to RCN.
  • Engaging with fertility nurses to provide leadership and training.

What we are currently working on

Recent activity

  • Fertility Preservation: RCN guidance for nursing staff [January 2021]. This publication provides information and guidance for nurses who are supporting and caring for those beginning treatment for potentially life-limiting diseases and those who may wish, for non-medical reasons, to defer having children until later in life.
  • Fertility care and emotional wellbeing [RCN, 2020]. This guidance has been developed as a resource for all health care professionals in all areas of fertility care and acknowledges the differences between emotional support and wellbeing, implications counselling and therapeutic counselling.
  • The responsible use of treatment add-ons in fertility services: a consensus statement [HFEA, 2019]. The RCN was a member of the consensus working group.
  • Fertility preservation workshops - what nurses need to know. The Fertility Nursing Forum led a project in 2016-17 which resulted in the publication in 2017 of the RCN Clinical Professional Resource on Fertility Preservation. Feedback from presentations at conferences confirmed that fertility and non-fertility nurses would welcome more training about how to present the options available for fertility preservation for adults, young people and children with medical conditions which are likely to impair their fertility and how to raise sensitive questions with patients. A number of regional workshops were organised, and delivered jointly between the RCN Fertility Nursing Forum and the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) throughout 2019, with the aim of raising awareness of the options and supporting development of knowledge and skills to facilitate nurses in discussions about fertility preservation with patients. The workshops are currently being evaluated and plans for further activity are underway. Watch this space!

Leading, collaborating, influencing

The RCN and its forums are invited to participate in many cross working and multidisciplinary workstreams. Below are a selection of some of the activities that members of the Fertility Nursing Forum are involved in on your behalf.

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