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Oral Histories 2019

History of Nursing Forum Committee Charter 2018-2019

Protect, Preserve, Share and Cherish

The History of Nursing Forum is open to RCN members who want to learn more about their history and to promote awareness within the profession. We believe the history of nursing is wider than the study of nurse training and practise; it encompasses the experiences of individuals and groups, movements and organisations, religion and war, culture and gender, politics and social ideas, find out more here

History of Nursing Forum 2019 annual strategy day meeting notes

History of Nursing Forum 

Projects and Exhibitions

Oral Histories 2019 - The nursing community has a vast range of experiences, having lived through many changes, be it clinical, legislative or technological. We need to expand upon the recorded collection of these experiences for the benefit of current and future practitioners, researchers, investigators and the wider population. During the past year extracts from the collection have featured in exhibitions and informed responses to media enquiries.


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