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  • Ismalia de sousa Ismalia de sousa 24 Apr 2019

    The time is now for a career framework for stroke nurses

    The RCN Neuroscience forum is developing a UK Career Framework for Stroke nurses.   

  • Nine images from a PET scan of the brain showing cross-sections through the brain Karenna Davies Karenna Davies 27 Mar 2019

    Why I chose neuroscience

    Mental health nurse Karenna Davies explains how she hopes her masters degree will help her better understand the care and treatments that work for mental health patients.

  • Anna Crossley Anna Crossley 25 Feb 2019

    Celebrating Nursing Practice

    Without nurses, midwives and health care assistants, would healthcare survive? Given the terrifying future projection of 410,000 nurse vacancies in the UK without urgent investment, we may be seen as simply ‘numbers’ like rows of identical paper chain doll workers.