Current RCN elections and appointments

RCN President and Deputy President

New elections for RCN president will be held following a pause in the RCN presidential elections and the subsequent withdrawal of all remaining candidates. RCN Council will agree a timetable for the new President election which will be published here shortly.

After a pause, campaigning in the Deputy President election reopened on Wednesday 16 September, with voting opening on Thursday 24 September. Find out more.

Student member of RCN Council

Nominations are open to elect a student member to RCN Council, closing on Monday 5 October. Find out more.

RCN Country and Regional Boards

Nominations have now closed to elect members to each of the 12 RCN Country and Regional Boards. Find out more.

RCN UK Nursing Support Workers Committee

Nominations have re-opened to elect members to the Eastern, Northern Ireland, and West Midlands seats. Find out more.

RCN UK Students Committee

Nominations are open to elect members to nine seats on the RCN UK Students Committee, closing on Monday 12 October. Find out more.

Forum steering committees

Applications have closed for RCN forum steering committee vacancies. Find out more.

RCN UK Representative Committees

Nominations have closed to elect members to the three RCN UK representative committees, and candidates have been announced. Find out more.


Results of recent elections can be found here


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