RCN Leadership

RCN Leadership

Improving patient care through quality leadership

RCN Leadership is improving the patient experience in your organisation by creating future leaders in health and social care.

About RCN Leadership

RCN Leadership is a suite of bespoke programmes, giving you the confidence to lead positive and effective change within your organisation.

RCN Leadership supports staff at all levels; from individuals beginning their leadership career, to experienced leaders wishing to refine specific skills.

Introduction to Leadership Programme

Designed for Levels 2-4, this inspiring course will help you grow in confidence as a leader. You will learn effective tools and techniques to enable you to influence others and delegate effectively.

Developing Leadership Programme

The Developing Leadership Programme is designed to help you be an effective role model and bring about positive changes whilst promoting a team approach that is inclusive, vibrant and supported by continuous learning. This programme has been developed for nursing staff level 5 or equivalent.

Transforming Dementia Care

This 12 month programme, due to commence in 2019, is intended to improve the care of people living with dementia in care home (with nursing) settings. The programme will support nursing staff in their professional development.

Clinical Leadership Programme

For future clinical leaders working at levels 6 and 7; this programme will help you to create a culture of innovation and give you the confidence to lead a team through organisational change.

System Leadership Programme

Guiding you through the complex political structures; this programme will develop your understanding of system leadership and help you to implement changes to policy and practice in your workplace. This course is designed for level 8 and above.                                                      

Demonstrating Value

The RCN Demonstrating Value programme equips frontline staff with the skills, tools, and techniques to secure commitment for their service and support for ongoing development. Chose between the one-day masterclass or commission a full programme. 

Anne Hutchinson

The programme was invaluable. I would recommend it if you want to influence the development of services.

Important notice

From the 10th of October 2019, we will no longer be working in conjunction with the ILM for the purpose of future commissions and programme deliveries.

We are in the process of seeking an alternative provider to work with for external quality assurance and enhanced benefits to our programmes.  

If you have any enquires about this, or other enquiries about our leadership offers, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0207 647 3485 or leadershipdevelopment@rcn.org.uk.

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Further information

For further information about leadership in health and social care, see our Leadership subject guide.