Membership payment plans

This page shows the main RCN membership categories and rates, and links to further details on each category of membership.

This is based on the statements about membership, please see RCN Royal Charter and standing orders for more information.

Regulations covering eligibility for RCN membership, the membership categories, the different payment plans and associated governance rights are set out in the RCN Definitions of membership (PDF 126KB), which is approved by RCN Council. 

Setting membership rates

Membership subscription rates are set by RCN Council.

Listed below are the 2015 membership rates by category showing the monthly and annual price both before and after tax relief. Further information on membership criteria can be accessed by clicking on the relevant category links.

Health practitioner membership is for health care assistants and assistant practitioners.

RCN membership payment plans Annual rate Monthly rate
*After tax relief *After tax relief
Student 10.00 n/a** 0.84 n/a**
Nurse first year discount membership 98.43 78.74 8.20 6.56
Nurse full membership 196.85 157.48 16.40 13:12
Joint RCM (Royal College of Midwives) membership 98.43 78.74 8.20 6.56
Joint educational membership (with either UCU or EIS) 147.64 118.11 12.30 9.84
Nurse voluntary break membership 98.43 78.74 8.20 6.56
Nurse retired membership 10.00 n/a** 0.84 n/a**
HCAs and APs first year discount membership 49.21 39.37 4.10 3.28
HCAs and APs full membership 98.43 78.74 8.20 6.56
HCAs and APs voluntary break membership 49.21 n/a** 4.10 n/a**
HCAs and APs retired membership 10.00 n/a** 0.84 n/a

* tax relief may vary depending on the tax situation of each member
** however, tax relief would be available if a member is paying basic rate tax

Tax relief

Don't forget, members who pay tax can claim tax relief on their RCN subscription from HM Revenue and Customs. Further information, including a tax relief claim form, is available in a tax relief form (PDF 118KB), by email: get in touch online, or by calling RCN Direct at the number below. If you haven't claimed before you can also backdate your claim for up to four years.

If you have any queries about your membership please call RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100 (8.30am - 8.30pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays).