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Our work

Discover what the RCN Nurses in Management and Leadership Forum is working on and what we've got planned

How we represent Forum members

The Forum recognises that all RCN members will need to develop management and leadership qualities throughout their career regardless of whether they occupy formal management or leadership positions.

As a forum we exist to

  • Formulate thinking and responses relating to current health care challenges
  • Interpret information to influence practice and care delivery
  • Be a conduit for management and leadership information to our members
  • Influence and challenge professional thinking relating to management and leadership policy development
  • Recognise and advance the capabilities and potential of our members to deliver excellent leadership and management
  • To support the development of the emergent and the maturing of peoples of leadership regardless of role and throughout their career pathway
  • Connect forum members and encourage engagement across all networks

Our aim is to

  • Support members in recognising and developing their capabilities to demonstrate leadership qualities regardless of their position
  • Connect forum members and encourage collective engagement to share information to unlock their capabilities

Nurse in Management and Leadership Forum Annual Report 2023

Forum Steering Committee strategy day 

The forum steering committee held their annual strategy day meeting on 27 February 2023.

What we are currently working on:

Forum projects

As a Forum committee our role is to work on behalf of our Forum Membership and collaborate with the other Professional Forums to have an informed viewpoint on the contemporary challenges in leadership and management. Our voice is reflecting and speaks for our members. Our expertise comes from our practice areas, professional experience and through what our members experiences. The committee will focus its efforts sin 2020 in two priority areas:

• Equality inclusion and diversity
• Emerging leaders whether new into post or developing their leadership identity throughout their career pathway

The majority of our work is delivered through social media platforms. We have an active presence on Twitter and Facebook, contributing to the debates in our priority areas through Blogs, articles, podcasts, and webinars. We have an active presence at Congress, materials are available on this page and via the RCN recordings of Congress.

Your views and contributions are important to us, we are after all here to represent your views and support you in your development needs as far as is possible. Reflecting your views and issues we will also contribute to formal RCN consultation and reviews. Please connect with us via social media. We look forward to working on your behalf in raising the profile all aspects of our management and leadership responsibilities as nurses.

Emerging Leaders

This poster showcases our evaluation of the past, current and future work of the RCN Nurses in Management and Leadership Forum Emerging Leaders project, which aims to promote the identity and confidence of developing leaders to assume leadership positions through engaging with stakeholders across the nursing family. We are already seeing the benefits of engaging with students and have worked with key influencers to contribute to future educational curricula.

The work of the Emerging Leaders project as depicted in the poster captures the most current contemporary evidence (Council of Deans 2018, Nursing Now 2020), highlighting the importance of increasing the confidence of nurses to recognise their potential as leaders, with core skills and competencies such as: role modelling, emotional intelligence, motivational and organisational skills, courage, the ability to voice concerns and have difficult conversations. 

Nurses in Management and Leadership: Congress fringes

  • 2023: Leading change in policy - how to use your voice to influence nursing, equity, health strategy and politics. May 2023. View the resource list.
  • 2022: Becoming an effective leader by developing your influencing skills. June 2022. View the resource list.
  • 2019: Everyone's a Leader, Leading for Quality. 22 May 2019. View the powerpoint presentation, supporting paper and resource list from the day.
  • 2018: Leadership, energy, change and you. 15 May 2018. View powerpoint presentation.
  • 2017: Personal Resilience as a critical tool for successful management and leadership. 14 May 2017. View powerpoint presentation.

Investing in yourself as a leader

Watch the recording of this event, which took place on 4 November 2020.

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