Neurodiversity Guidance

find out more about how we're developing new resources for Neurodiverse healthcare professionals

The RCN is creating new guidance about Neurodiversity as it affects our members.  In October 2020 we held some digital events with experts by experience and/or profession. You can watch recording of two of the events below. 

The Education Forum and Peer Support Service will continue to work together to develop new resources based on learning from the events and our member's lived experience. Updates will be posted here.

Please email with any comments or suggestions, a call back can be arranged to discuss if preferred.

Watch the 2020 Neurodiverse RCN digital events

Did you know that Neurodiverse people have strengths that make them great healthcare professionals?

However, barriers can stop them from being able to do their best work and lead to low morale and we all have a part to play in changing this for the better.

In her keynote, Kerry shared her how she supports neurodiverse healthcare professionals to be the best they can be. This practical session covered Disabled Students Allowance, Access to Work, the challenges faced and some approaches to overcome them. It also looked at the many strengths and qualities neurodiverse people bring to the health sector. 

You can watch a recording of the event here.

Dr Rachael Major shared some preliminary findings of her latest research in this area. She then joined the rest of the panel in a lively discussion about Neurodiversity in nursing. The panel represented those with ADHD, Dyspraxia,  Dyslexia, ASD, students, qualified nurses and  nurse academics who shared their lived experience of Neurodiversity. Read the panel's biographies here.

You can watch a recording of the event here

photograph of Kerry Pace from Diverse Learners

Meet our keynote speaker Kerry

Kerry Pace is founder of Diverse Learners, a company that specialises in providing disability support and training for the healthcare sector and healthcare education. She has kindly agreed to share her expertise with us as our keynote speaker.

You can find out more about Kerry by looking at her mind map bio

illustration of a nurse wearing a hijab and carrying a briefcase

What is intersectionality?

Intersectionality is when an individual faces multiple causes of discrimination and disadvantage because their protected characteristics and other identities overlap.

It's important that we are aware that being Neurodiverse can be a very different experience for each person. That's why we want to make sure we hear from as many of our members as possible about your lived experience. 

Why is a diverse nursing workforce  important?

Health care professionals with lived experience of disability bring skills,experience and knowledge.

They are a valuable resource and essential to addressing safe and effective staffing issues in the UK. 

They challenge outdated perceptions and send a positive message to patients.  

RCN Education forum

Get involved and join the RCN's Education Forum. It has its own closed Facebook group where you can speak to other RCN members working in this field.

Peer Support Service

This is a network for sharing experiences and knowledge, and promoting a positive approach towards health care professionals with lived experience of disability.