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International member case studies

Case study 1 - Family member joining RCN member in the UK

The RCN was able to assist a member, whose application for their child to reside in the UK was refused. The member was a registered nurse and had British citizenship, and initially entered the UK as a Tier 2 migrant in 2007.  

She had left two children under 18 in country of origin with her mother, with the intent to bring her children to the UK once she was settled in her job and accommodation. Various issues prevented children coming to the UK.

When the member obtained British citizenship, they applied for youngest son to reside in the UK, but the application was refused with a right of appeal.

The member contacted the RCN Immigration Advice Service for support in appeal, and they were able to assist in drafting grounds of appeal before deadline, advising on the issues in the case and evidence required for appeal. The outcome of the appeal was successful.