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  • Goncalo Ribeiro Goncalo Ribeiro 10 Aug 2022

    What an enriching experience

    What an opportunity to be a voting member at Congress 2022

  • Pat Cullen Pat Cullen 4 Aug 2022

    Respect for our profession through fair pay and safe staffing

    Pat Cullen, RCN General Secretary and Chief Executive, updates members on our work to ensure the nursing profession secures long-term investment from governments across the UK

  • Helen Bedford and Helen Donovan Helen Bedford and Helen Donovan 3 Aug 2022

    RCN NICE immunisation guideline

    A new NICE guideline (NG218) on Vaccine Uptake in the General Population was published in May 2022

  • Carol Popplestone Carol Popplestone 28 Jul 2022

    Change happens when we come together and speak up

    Carol Popplestone, Chair of RCN Council, reflects on a week that sees public support for the nursing profession grow as we continue to fight for fair pay and patient safety.

  • Pay Ballot Open Geoff Earl Geoff Earl 25 Jul 2022

    What would industrial action on NHS pay mean?

    Industrial action is a tool of last resort but it's time for RCN members to flex their collective muscle, says Geoff Earl.

  • Dr Denise Chaffer Dr Denise Chaffer 21 Jul 2022

    Considering the cost of harm

    Dr Denise Chaffer, RCN President, reflects how reducing preventable harm costs could contribute to a safer nursing workforce and delivering safe quality care.

  • Alison Ball Alison Ball 21 Jul 2022

    Adventures of the Gastro Forum at RCN Congress 2022

    The Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum Committee and Forum members travelled to Glasgow last month for an exciting RCN Congress 2022. It was a busy week, and the Forum had a excellent profile. The Team were taking part in debates, representing our 4,000+ members, promoting Forum activity and facilitating learning & wellbeing events. We now look forward to the next year: recruiting to our wonderful Steering Committee, collaborating on new and exciting projects and of course heading to Brighton in 2023. Read on....we would be delighted for you to come and join us!

  • Tracey Cooke Tracey Cooke 20 Jul 2022

    Glasgow Congress 2022

    My experience as a Public Health Forum steering committee member at RCN Congress in Glasgow.

  • Pay Ballot Open Julie Lamberth Julie Lamberth 15 Jul 2022

    Enough is enough - it's time to send the strongest message possible

    It’s holiday season, the Conservatives are electing a new leader and temperatures, like prices, continue to soar. So with all that’s going on, it is understandable if not quite everyone is aware that this week we launched our ballot on the Scottish government’s pay offer to NHS staff. 

  • Carol Popplestone Carol Popplestone 14 Jul 2022

    Demanding more for nursing

    Carol Popplestone, Chair of RCN Council, updates members on how we continue to fight for the rights of nursing staff across the UK.