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  • Ali Wileman Ali Wileman 20 Jun 2021

    The new Bladder and Bowel Care Learning Resource is live!

    The RCN Bladder and Bowel Forum are excited to share with you the updated e-learning resource for Bladder and Bowel Care.

  • Geoffrey Walker, Matron at Poole Hospital, South West member of RCN Council and Chair of RCN Dorset Branch Geoffrey Walker Geoffrey Walker 15 Jun 2021

    Caring for ourselves

    So here we are, hopefully, emerging from the worst pandemic in a century. It has taken its toll on the heath care workforce across all sectors. I think our mental health has been particularly impacted as we have juggled work with family responsibilities, shouldered concern for our loved ones, been unable to see our wider family and friends and the associated isolation has been particularly challenging.

  • Pat Cullen Pat Cullen 10 Jun 2021

    Keeping nursing high on the UK government's agenda

    Pat Cullen, Acting RCN General Secretary and Chief Executive, updates members on how she continues to raise Fair Pay for Nursing and Staffing for Safe and Effective Care with parliamentarians and policy makers.

  • Ariana Graf Haro Ariana Graf Haro 8 Jun 2021

    Taking a leap into the unknown - from online to learning to placement

    My name is Ariana Graf Haro, I’m part of the first cohort in England for the RCN Prince of Wales Nursing Cadets. I was encouraged to join as it is an area of learning that I had never explored before.

  • Sandra Blades Sandra Blades 6 Jun 2021

    Compassion at end of life - best practice in care homes

    Providing care for older people at end of life has been challenging for all healthcare professionals during the COVID pandemic but everyone has the right to be be cared for with dignity, compassion and respect. As nurses, health care assistants, managers and policy makers, we should be aware of the philosophy of Dame Cicely Saunders. As founder of the modern Hospice movement, her drive was to deliver care with compassion as end of life approaches. Her famous quote, "you matter because you are you and you matter to the last moment of your life" still resonates in all care settings today.

  • Professor Dame Anne Marie Rafferty CBE Professor Dame Anne Marie Rafferty CBE 3 Jun 2021

    A landmark resolution – and time for global action on nursing and midwifery

    Professor Dame Anne Marie Rafferty updates members on the recent resolution on nursing and midwifery at the World Health Assembly and how the G7 Summit is a critical time for the international community to translate support into action.

  • Health-and-care-staffing-scotland-act-2019 Julie Lamberth Julie Lamberth 3 Jun 2021

    Fair pay, safe staffing and staff wellbeing must be the building blocks for service recovery

    In 2019 we celebrated the Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act being passed by the Scottish Parliament. I recall how proud I felt, sitting in the Parliament for the final debate, as the role our campaigning had in shaping this legislation – the first in the UK to set out requirements for safe staffing across both health and care services – was recognised.

  • Rachael Alexander Rachael Alexander 31 May 2021

    Building for the future - my experience of the RCN Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme

    My name is Rachael Alexander and I took part in the Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme in August 2020. I applied even though I didn’t think I stood a chance at being a successful candidate, but I was so bored during the pandemic I needed to do something.

  • Michaella Parcell Michaella Parcell 31 May 2021

    Making a difference during a pandemic - how joining the RCN Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme changed my year

    I’m Michaella Parcell, I was part of the first cohort of the RCN Prince of Wales Nursing Cadets.  I have now become a Nursing Cadet Facilitator, helping to facilitate the HEIW funded sessions and support new nursing cadets.

  • International Day of Action for Womens Health image Anne Marie Rafferty and Tracey Budding Anne Marie Rafferty and Tracey Budding 27 May 2021

    Women’s Health: A global injustice

    RCN President Anne Marie Rafferty and Deputy President Tracey Budding on the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on women’s health.