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Revalidation requirements: Professional indemnity arrangements

As part of your revalidation there is a requirement is for you to declare that you have, or will have when practising, appropriate cover under an indemnity arrangement.

By law, you must have in place an appropriate indemnity arrangement in order to practise and provide care. While the arrangement does not need to be individually held by you, it is your responsibility to ensure that appropriate cover is in force. This declaration will form part of your revalidation application and you will need to record the name of the provider of this. This could be through your employer, a membership with a professional body, or through a private insurance arrangement.

Our website has further information about RCN Indemnity.

Information from the NMC defines ‘appropriate cover’ and sets out information for those who are employed, self-employed or undertake work in both employed and self-employed roles. It also sets out information for those who work in education, undertake voluntary work, or are having a break in their practice.

If you are not practising at the time of revalidation you should declare that you intend to have appropriate cover in place before you practise.