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Health and Care visas and the Immigration Health Surcharge

FAQ for RCN members

This page has some commonly asked questions and answers about the Health and Care Visa and the Immigration Health Surcharge.

Immigration Health Surcharge reimbursement process

If you are not eligible for the Health and Care Visa, you will have to pay the Immigration Health surcharge.  However, you can now apply to be reimbursed for any payments that you made for the for the Immigration Health Surcharge on or after 31st March 2020.

To see if you are eligible, please go to the Government website for more information and to apply for the reimbursement

What is the Health and Care Worker visa?

The Health and Care Worker visa is a subcategory of the Skilled Worker visa which replaced the Tier 2 General (Migrant) status in 2020. The Health and care visa permits medical professionals such as nurses, healthcare assistants, and doctors to work in the UK either in the NHS or in the Independent Sector.

The cost for this visa which would last for three years £247 per applicant and a visa lasting more than three years is £479 per applicant. You and your dependents will also be exempt from paying the Immigration Health Surcharge.

See the GOV.UK website's information on The Health and Care Visafor more detailed information.

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