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  • Craig Davidson Craig Davidson 15 Jul 2020

    I add a different perspective, something unique

    Craig writes about how he applied for a position on the Nurses in Management and Leadership Forum steering committee as a newly qualified nurse and why all members have something to offer in one of these roles.

  • Ed Freshwater Ed Freshwater 15 Jul 2020

    Being part of this committee has been an amazing learning experience

    This is a time of unprecedented pressure and stress on an already overworked and overwhelmed workforce. It's vital as we emerge from the pandemic lockdown that the voice of mental health nursing is heard and represented.

  • Sally Bassett Sally Bassett 13 Jul 2020

    Join a forum steering committee

    Sally Bassett, Chair of the RCN's Nurses in Management and Leadership Forum, and Chair of Forum Chairs, shares her experience of being an activist within the RCN's forum structure, and encourages other members to get involved too.

  • Denise Symister Denise Symister 11 Dec 2019

    The National Bereavement Care Pathway

    The quality of care that a bereaved family receives during a pregnancy or baby loss can have a lasting effect; poor care can make their experience much worse. The quality of bereavement care varies regionally in England and Wales. However, all bereaved parents should be offered the same quality care no matter where they live. 

  • Anna Crossley Anna Crossley 25 Feb 2019

    Celebrating Nursing Practice

    Without nurses, midwives and health care assistants, would healthcare survive? Given the terrifying future projection of 410,000 nurse vacancies in the UK without urgent investment, we may be seen as simply ‘numbers’ like rows of identical paper chain doll workers.

  • Diane Shearer Diane Shearer 10 Jul 2018

    As Advanced Level Nurses it is our duty to promote standardisation

    Diane was recently awarded the RCN credential for Advanced Level Nursing Practice. Here, she shares her thoughts on the importance of standardising roles used in Primary Care.

  • Fighting FGM Ruth Bailey Ruth Bailey 12 Jun 2018

    Ending female genital mutilation - where next?

    “Why do you care about FGM?” That was the question posed by Leethen Bartholomew, head of the national FGM centre, at an event hosted by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in May.

  • Women suffering pain from endometriosis Debby Holloway Debby Holloway 14 Mar 2018

    Striving to improve women’s access to endometriosis care

    It’s estimated that 176 million women worldwide are affected by endometriosis. 

  • Ovarian cancer awareness month Debby Holloway Debby Holloway 14 Mar 2018

    March is ovarian cancer awareness month

    Despite advances in treatment and care, ovarian cancer remains one of the biggest causes of death from gynaecological cancers in women. 

  • Pregnancy screening Linda Bailey Linda Bailey 1 Feb 2018

    Non-invasive prenatal testing

    Pregnant women and midwives and nurses working in NHS maternity, gynaecology and neonatal services will hear much more about non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) in the months to come.