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RCN Careers: Interviews

Interview Skills

Increase your chances of success with careful preparation and the right technique.

This page contains advice on general interview skills, interview techniques, structuring answers, tips on how to prepare and practice, and guidance on how to present yourself on the day.

We also have further advice on sample interview questions, managing interview nerves and video interviews.

Interview skills

The aim of the interview is to gather information to assess whether you have the right skills, experience, knowledge, values, motivation, and personality for the job.

This is your opportunity to show the employer that you are the best person for the job and demonstrate what you could bring to the role or organisation. 

Some of the main factors for succeeding at interview are:

  • Your interview technique (understanding how answers are scored, how to answer and structure your answers)
  • Preparation and Practice (researching the role/organisation, revising relevant topics, preparing mock answers, practising/rehearsing thoroughly)
  • Your demeanour (personality, confidence, communication, delivery, body language, etc.)
  • Managing your interview nerves 

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  • What and how to prepare
  • Techniques for practicing and rehearsing
  • Pre-empting your interview questions
  • Answering techniques 
  • How to present yourself
  • Sample interview questions
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