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Sample interview questions for nurses and healthcare professionals

Practice and prepare with our example interview questions for nurses, midwives, Nursing Support Workers, and healthcare managers.

Although there's no way of knowing which questions you'll be asked on the day, you can prepare by exploring possible interview questions and rehearsing how you would answer them.

This page explores common interview questions and how to answer them, techniques for structuring your answers, and over 80 sample questions to help you practice.

Member only resource

  • How to answer common questions
  • What employers look for in your answers
  • Answering techniques
  • Sample interview questions for nurses and midwives, nursing support workers and nurse managers
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Nurses and Midwives

Resources for nurses and midwives: improve your employability or explore options and ideas if you're at a career crossroads.

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Nursing Support Workers

Career resources for Healthcare Assistants, Assistant Practitioners, Nursing Associates and Support Workers.

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Student and Newly Registered Nurses

Resources to help you write your first nursing CV or job application, and tips on how to stand out at interview.