Digital skills

Communication, collaboration and participation

This area identifies principles for communication. How does working in digital environments change the way you work? What do you need to be mindful of? Your working practices will change as digital environments extend into more areas.

How you interact with colleagues and peers will also change. You will benefit most when you are actively engaged in these communities.

This domain involves you demonstrating:

  • the ability to use a wide range of digital technologies to communicate with people and to understand the different nature, purpose and function of different methods of digital communication, acting accordingly and appropriately
  • the ability to use digital technologies to communicate respectfully and appropriately with all people and to recognise one’s responsibility to not engage in or allow others to engage in inappropriate, irresponsible, offensive or harmful communication activities
  • the ability to work collaboratively with others using digital technologies and tools
  • the ability to participate actively in digital networks
  • the ability to demonstrate and champion ethical, positive, sensitive and appropriate attitudes and behaviours in communicating, collaborating and participating with anybody and everybody.

(HEE digital literacy domain descriptors)


  • I can use the most appropriate forms of communication and engagement tools including online and social media to match the preferences of individuals as a far as possible.
  • When communicating online, I am mindful of acknowledging the other person's point of view, and being aware of cultural differences and sensitivities. 
  • I keep in mind how I would like to be treated myself and think carefully before I communicate.


  • I can build beneficial relationships with people in virtual care environments.


  • I know how online networks can help me keep up-to-date on professional issues.
  • I am able to choose an appropriate network for my professional needs.