Digital skills

Teaching, learning and self-development

Our ways of learning (and teaching) are changing. Formal learning events or courses are part of a wider spectrum of learning. Increasingly learning is collaborative, participative and linked to a community or network.

You must take responsibility for your own learning and manage your learning, commonly in an e-portfolio. Modern workplaces foster workplace learning, supporting learners to improve and prepare for the future.

This domain involves you demonstrating:

  • the ability to use digital technologies and tools for personal learning and professional development
  • the ability to use a wide range of digital technologies and tools in teaching, coaching, mentoring others
  • the ability to demonstrate and champion a positive attitude in seeking out appropriate and innovative digital technologies to enhance learning for self and others.
(HEE digital literacy domain descriptors)


  • I can participate in learning using digital media such as online learning and social networking.
  • I can undertake digital forms of assessment for continuing professional development.


  • I can use digital tools to plan and reflect on learning.
  • I can use digital tools to evidence achievement.


  • I understand the benefits of digital professionalism.
  • I know how to behave online in learning contexts.

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