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You said, we did

Improving our service to you

We listen closely to what you, our members, tell us about our services. Through your feedback, we can keep making things better. Here are some of the changes we've made this year.

Will writing service

You told us that you would really appreciate a will writing service and that lots of your colleagues in other unions had access to one. 

We're providing a new service

Members, your family and friends can now access a tailor-made will writing service through RCN Law.  Find out more.

Calling us

You told us that it would really help to know how long you might need to wait for your call to be answered during our busiest time of the day. This would help you make a decision about whether to wait, call back, or contact us in a different way. 

We're giving you better information

If there is a queue when you call us,  we'll let you know how long you can expect to wait for your call to be answered. 

Library e-resources

You told us that having simple guides for accessing library e-resources would be a real help. 

We're giving you more help

To help you get started using the Library and Archives website, we've created videos and guides. Watch our support videos now.

Library drop-ins

You told us that our library drop-in sessions are great and asked if we could run more.

We're offering more

You can find out the current opening hours in the Library section of the website. 

Personal injury claim time limit

We noticed that our guidance on the time limit for making a personal injury claim could have been clearer. It was leading some members to think they needn't act quickly in talking to us about a potential claim. This had made it more difficult for RCN Law to proceed in some cases. 

We've clarified our guidance

Our accident and injury guidance now explains that it can take up to 6 months preparatory work before RCN Law is able to bring a claim forward.  

Maternity advice

You told us that our maternity, family and work web page was not informative enough.

We've improved our advice

Our maternity, family and work page is now more detailed and user-friendly, and aims to answer the most common questions that you ask us.   

RCN Customer Promise

What you can expect from the RCN as a member or customer.


Tell us about what you think we are doing well or what you think we could be doing better.


If you have a complaint about our services we will do the best we can to find a solution.