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Making history

History of Nursing Articles

  • ‘Scenes of the wildest description’ (4 May 2022)
    Nursing historian Claire Chatterton remembers the Radcliffe strikers 100 years on from the explosive events. 

  • Starving while caring (22 March 2022)
    History of Nursing Forum member Jane Brooks looks at the importance of feeding and nutrition through the eyes of interned nurses caring for prisoners of war during the Second World War.

  • 'Fearless about being first' (17 January 2022)
    How a Nigerian nurse’s determination to tackle cultural norms in the mid-20th century led to her becoming one of the most influential nursing leaders in British history.

  • Molly Murphy: the life of an activist nurse (22 December 2021)
    Molly Murphy had an extraordinary life – she was a suffragette, escaped to Russia to experience the aftermath of the revolution, and worked through the Spanish Civil War and the Blitz – but she wanted to be remembered, above all, as a nurse. Her fascinating life story reveals a lot about nursing in the first half of the 20th century, says Dr Janet Hargreaves.

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